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Posted on December 16 2014 in Design/Art Direction

To be clear, I’m not a designer…but I appreciate all types of design and “The Process” of creating things. Anything. And, one of my favorite designers is Aaron Draplin (creator of Field Notes) among other cool things. In this video from, Draplin shows the process of creating a logo, pretty much start-to-finish. “The Process” is something you will rarely see when something is created. You will see the end state, you may read about “The Process” – but the entire process itself, you will likely never see.

Draplin opens the kimono in this video here and tells you how he thinks about ‘stuff’ and shows you how he gets started and what has inspired him. You also get a view into the technical execution of this work. See if this video inspires you to create something, I know that’s how I felt.

Also – the books he references in the video are extremely rare these days; selling for as much as $2,400.

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