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Welcome to the very first beta edition (00) of my newsletter, The J/Passport. I’ve selected some interesting reads about your travel loyalty points, new luxury hotels, selling more and then escaping the rat race, building some serious tree houses, where to unwind with the best cocktails, and more.

Enjoy & Happy New Year!


Like most people who travel for work often, I find a certain, irrational, comfort in my frequent flyer and hotel loyalty accounts. I’m not totally proud of that. Anyway, the New York Times had a pretty good article about making the most of these accounts and a cautionary tale about their long-term value.

If you’re looking to get away from the standard hotel experience, check out this list of hotels that are redefining the new era of luxury lodging. Notice the mixing of surroundings/environment in almost every one of them. Great list, hard to pick a favorite.

Here’s a guy who lives on the road…not like he “travels a lot”…he actually lives on the road. CNN has a pictorial from Ben Schlappig – a guy who travels in style…but for the sake of traveling. I think. Either way, he appears to be living well. I respect that.


Some of the best, most clear-eyed, sales advice I’ve seen in a long time over at the First Round Review blog: “If a deal is stalling; if a customer doesn’t have the budget right now; if an account doesn’t seem like the perfect fit — great. Close it out and move on to the next.” Great point of view…check it out and find out how to be a “fearless authority.”

Had enough of that? Feeling like you need a break? Like a big one? Fast Company has some good advice on taking a career hiatus and why it will be good for you (you won’t fall behind as it turns out – businesses will do a fine job being mediocre while you’re gone). More directly, Quartz has this piece: The case for quitting your job–without a backup plan. I think the takeaway is that you have options in life. Remember that.


The crew over at Nowness has the beat on architect Jim Olson’s treehouse in the Pacific Northwest. What started out as a project when he was 18, has blossomed into an incredible escape from the world. Continuing the theme is another property I’d like to take up residence in, The Bascamp, also in Washington.

A bit predictable, but the fine folks over at Valet have compiled this list of 10 Things Every Man Should Have in His Home. I say it’s predictable, but I know people who sleep on the floor and use empty kegs as tables, so maybe not common sense.

The OECD published a tool that lets you choose what country would make you happiest. Very interesting…I guess I’ll be moving to either Sweden or Australia. what is the best online blackjack site

Also – here’s what happens if you stop drinking coffee and alcohol for over a year. (The cost savings alone!) virtual roulette wheel


Recently dined & recommend: Tojo’s (Vancouver), Chambar (Vancouver), Spoon & Stable (Minneapolis), Boefhaus(Chicago), Queen Mary Tavern (Chicago), Epic Steak (San Francisco), Frances (San Francisco). usa players for usa online casinos accepting

One of my latest hobbies obsessions is table side cocktails…make them bring the bar to you! After reading about what Geoffrey Zakarian has done with The Palm Court inside The Plaza Hotel in NYC (martinis poured out of ice covered bottles, table side), I put it at the top of my cocktail list. The only issue of course with this is this isn’t a common offering anymore. The good people at Eater did the hard work for me and tracked down a very solid list of places where table side cocktails are alive and well. If anyone needs me, the bar will be at me.

Can’t get enough Olive Garden?! They were charging $400 on New Years Eve in NYC. There are two things wrong with that statement. I’ll let you fill in the blanks. uk online bingo

In San Francisco? Check out the new restaurants heading to the area in 2016. If you’re in NYC, here is the Zagat top 50. And, if you’re in Chicago, here are December 2015’s hottest spots.


The Economist summed up some of the most explained topics in 2015 here. Good read.

Programmer gets the most appropriate obituary ever….Mashable covered it, although they seem to cover everything these days. </life> roulette casino online game

Meet the “King of Pickpockets” aka “The Snail” aka Jose, in this Vice story about the accomplished (if you can call him that) thief: “I approached him [with the wallet] and told him, ‘Is this yours?’ He said yes, and I told him, ‘Please put more money in it.’ He didn’t say anything to me, man.” us gambling credit card in canada

Currently reading: Tequila Mockingbird (thanks Mike), How to Steal Like an Artist (thanks Eric), The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whisky Know-it-All (thanks Joe), and on the heavier side Dealing with China. Reviews & notes forthcoming. usa black jack casino

Eat, Drink and Stay @ These Places


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