Tokyo, Being the Smartest Person, $20K Houses, & Cocktails. smart live casino

Thanks for reading…again. I’m researching trips to Tokyo based on some of the links below, waiting for someone to provide me poor service so I can outsource my griping to a new company, an honest look at attending Super Bowl 50, and more.

Thanks for reading / JP usa black jack casino


Happy Valentines Day! The folks over at Travel + Leisure have done some homework and found you the World’s Most Romantic hotels…although that probably doesn’t help you much today…bookmark this one.

What could possibly go wrong?! In case you never heard of history repeating itself, you can soon take a cruise on a replica of the “unsinkable” Titanic! If that isn’t enough for you, check out this account from a NYT writer on board theAnthem of the Seas that was recently stuck in pretty gnarly storm off the East Coast.

I’m researching a trip to Tokyo after reading this article on their department store food halls. Also, check out thesingle-book bookstore and the total opposite, a store that has absolutely everything. Finally, take a look at the Hotel Okura in this movie and article from Monocle. usa casino sites


I often feel like companies are always trying to figure out how to give you less, if they aren’t trying to charge you more. People are busier than ever, and interacting with more companies than ever, so an opportunity was created to help you interface with all these companies when they inevitably let you down. Service (the company) think they have the answer, they provide: Service as a Service (SaaS, redefined). Check them out hereand read this quick review. Service (the company) is a great reminder of the opportunity that is created when companies fail to provide solid customer experience. usa players for usa online casinos accepting

Apparently sending more emails and other digital messages is correlated to higher work performance. Really though, this HBR article is about building, and regularly communicating with, your internal networks. This may seem obvious, but they have the data to back it up. Interesting read.

Networking. The term itself brings up images of awkward conversations, name tags, and desperate LinkedIn requests. Well, The Wall Street Journal comes to the rescue with a helpful piece.

I grew up in Upstate New York…home to the original ultra-grocery store, Wegmans. Before there was Whole Foods right around the corner from you, and Instacart eliminated the need to even go to the store at all, there was Wegmans. It enjoys an absolute cult-like following and people go-crazy when they hear a Wegmans is moving to town. They chalk up their success to their employees – a theme that I feel is pretty consistent whenever you find a brand that people love.

Are you using Slack? The collaboration platform now has 2.3 million daily active users in just two-years. If you haven’t tried it, it comes highly recommended.

Are you the smartest person you know? Careful how you answer. real vegas casino board game


The FT has an interesting piece examining Millennials’ saving spending habits. As it turns out they’d rather spend their hard-earned money on a vacation than a retirement plan.

Do you live in one of the world’s friendliest, happiest, or most (or least) attractive cities?

Beautiful and simple houses that cost $20,000 (no, there is not a zero missing there) aim to challenging the entire housing system. top online blackjack websites

If you’re like me, you’ve signed up for countless, seeming small, monthly or annual subscription services. Find out how to keep them in check.

This video from Donut Media shows the evolution of the iconic Porsche 911. The older ones are my favorites. spin palace greek flash casino

Here’s a nice list of great menswear shops around the world…shout out to Minneapolis’ own Askov Finlayson. which is the best online bingo


Recently dined & recommend: Coqueta (San Francisco), Kokkari Estiatorio (San Francisco), Pelago Ristorante(Chicago), Bull & Bear Steakhouse (New York), Green River (Chicago), The Boathouse Restaurant (Vancouver). tombola virtual para bingo

The man who is responsible for bringing us Au Cheval (best burgers, end of story) has opened a new Chicago eatery. top casino online canada

One of my favorite trips ever taken was to Lisbon…here are the Top 10 Bars in the Principe Real neighborhood. I could go back. Soon.

Bloomberg has some good ideas for expanding your bar beyond the traditional spirits.

Valet Mag wants to make you a better cook…save this recipe for Lobster Rolls until the weather improves. Or don’t and make them now. They also tell you which restaurants are serving up the best ones. I can attest to the Smack Shack in Minneapolis (coming soon to Chicago).


It’s easy to think that your bank accounts may be compromised online through some genius hacker somewhere – but according to the NYT, it might just be that unassuming bank teller that is your biggest threat. roulette casino online game

Global art sales are apparently experiencing a slump…you can thank China and the falling price of oil. us gambling credit card in canada

Here’s a look at Super Bowl 50 from Vice Sports that is probably unlike any other coverage you watched or read about. vip stakes casino

Currently reading: Flash Boys.

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