Passport 253 // No. 03

This newsletter used to be called the J/Passport. Well…it seems that’s already a thing for helping you get the best bargains in Japan. Fair deal. Thats on me. I present to you issue No. 03 of my newsletter, now called Passport 253. tombola virtual para bingo

Some interesting things for you including luxury train travel, telling people your vision, the best houses of 2016, London’s cocktail game, and America’s favorite restaurant.

As always, thanks for reading!
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A lot is written about the options for ultra-luxurious, high-end, air travel these days. Airlines, notably those from the Middle East, are equipping their newest planes with showers, enclosed suites, and private chefs. But, don’t forget about train travel…we’re not talking Amtrak here…Bloomberg has a great review of the Orient Express service in Southeast Asia. In case you just want to cut to the case, tickets start around $2,700/inclusive. vip stakes casino

Back in the skies, The Economist has a data-driven view of best airlines in the world. The data shakes out about how you might expect. Asian airlines win on service and value. They also have a nice write-up of weekend trips from Tokyo.

As someone that travels frequent (almost constantly) for business, I often find myself in cities, by myself, with a few hours, or an evening, to kill. The team at Travel + Leisure has prepared this list of things to do for solo travelers. T+L really pump out the content…they also have a slideshow of The World’s Coolest Passport Stamps.

And finally, if you have to ask: How Drunk is Too Drunk on a Plane? what is the best online blackjack site

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August 2006…Elon Musk blogged about his Master Plan for Tesla (scroll to the end of that link if you’re in a hurry). Inc. has a take on sharing your vision early and often (like Elon Musk did). Small personal observation/opinion, this happens so rarely because most people don’t have any vision.

For the designers (and want-to-be designers) in the crowd, Fast.Co Design lets you peek into some real-life designer’s notebooks and get a glimpse into their process. Cool stuff…makes me want to start sketching more.

In the era of people bragging about how much they work, and how little sleep they get, the big-time hustler, Gary Vaynerchuk, reminds us that: “it isn’t about how much you sleep, it what you do while you’re awake.”

Interesting take from the Financial Times on the gap between expectation and reality for millennials and employers. virtual roulette wheel

First, let me say, I hate lists about “how to be more productive” and stuff like that. Let me also say I’m trying to get better about creating a routine for myself. So, with that in mind here is a list of 8 Things to do Every Morning. I’m clear on the contradiction. Specifically at work here are The First 4 Things you “should” do everyday. real vegas casino board game


The Washington Post (from 2015) tells us how income gap may help determine how you spend your money, more specifically as a share of your total income. Then, Quartz tells us that money actually can make you happier, but only if you spend it properly (DUH).

Investment Robo-Advisors have become very popular…Nerd Wallet has a nice comparison and take on all the major players. I’ve actually started using one of these services mostly because I just don’t have the time required to actively manage a portfolio. Check them out.

If you’re anywhere close to Portland, Design Week looks great.

House-envy? Here you go: Best Homes of 2016. smart live casino

What happens if you workout everyday for a month? Besides the obvious, you get sharper. roulette online canada

🍍  EAT & DRINK which is the best online bingo

I love cocktails. If you know me at all, have read one of my newsletters, or seen any of my Instagram photos before that may be obvious. London is killing the cocktail game. About a year ago I actually took a side-trip from Amsterdam just to hit some of the legendary drinking dens of London. Totally worth it.

A bit of sad news…Les Halles, the NYC Park Ave. french brasserie has closed. Anthony Bourdain used to run the show there. I’ve always liked it because it wasn’t fussy, easy to get into, and always made you feel Mr. Bourdain still had some influence (although you know he really didn’t). I’ve had breakfast there before strolling down Park Ave to the office, I’ve had big business dinners there, and I’ve dined alone at the bar for a needed break from “everything”, and they took excellent care of me during a blizzard that shut down the entire city…I had the place to myself. Les Halles has in some way been my restaurant home base when in NYC. It will be missed. It’s worth noting they have another location downtown. But this was my location. safest online casino roulette

If a taste of one of Bourdain’s dishes is what you’re after though, fear not – you can make the man’s Côte de Boeuf right from his recipe at home, thanks to Vice’s Munchies. usa players for usa online casinos accepting

Do312 has the Best New Bars in Chicago. After getting banged up touring them all, you’ll need the best breakfasts in Chicago slideshow. us gambling credit card in canada

In Los Angeles, and need a solid breakfast? Look no further than this breakfast sandwich from Eggslut.

One of my coworkers and friends has a limited list of restaurants that he will frequent. By and large, the list isn’t impressive to be honest. The anchor on his list is Chipotle, at which he eats every day. About a month ago, we we’re in Coral Gables after a meeting, and we dipped into Hillstone…which is also on his list. Since this is a chain, I kind of dismissed it frankly. I had been to one years earlier, but didn’t have any opinion of it. This meal was different…we were starved from not eating breakfast and sitting through a meeting all morning, but the lunch and service was incredible. My hotel was right across the street and went back for a martini and sushi roll for dinner. Well, apparently Hillstone is America’s favorite restaurant according to Bon Appetit – who am I to argue?

Recently Dined & Recommended: High West Distillery (Park City, UT), Si Tapas (Dallas, TX), Carmen (Boston, MA), The Edge (Rancho Mirage, CA), State Provisions (Boston, MA), Akiko (San Francisco, CA), Cochon Volant (Chicago, IL), Trestle (San Francisco, CA).


The WSJ knows Americans struggle with soccer, all around. Well they made this video so you can pronounce some of the UK team names.

That Where’s Waldo book still driving you crazy? Not to worry – now you can use the search optimization method made specifically for the frustrating series of books.

Currently enjoying: 99% Invisible & Tim Ferris’ Podcasts. spin palace greek flash casino

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