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Best of AirBnB, Learn to Take a Joke, Sundance & Cocktails.

Welcome to the first real edition (01) of my newsletter, The J/Passport. Plenty see & read below. I’m particularly excited about the Best Bar in Chicago.

Enjoy & Thanks for Reading / JP usa casino sites


The ever-controversial “underdog” in the lodging space, AirBnB has recently released a list of its 10 Most Desirable accommodations…most seemed to be shaped like something – I’ll stick to the Off The Grid itHouse in California. You bring the cocktails.

Heading to the U.K. anytime soon? If so, take a look at this video from British “National Treasure” Stephen Fry on British Etiquette…probably more helpful than it should be, actually. Right.

Planning on a vacation to the Bahamas? You won’t find any rooms available at the $3.5 billion (three commas) Baha Mar Resort. Not because it’s fully booked or anything like that…it never opened. Bloomberg has an interesting story on the resort, and just what does China have to do with all this?

If you have to eat on the plane, hopefully you get wont get stuck with one of these “Saddest Airplane Meals” of 2015 from Travel + Leisure. Meanwhile, United Airlines is letting you peak behind the scenes at their food preparation process in their web series: Big Metal Bird, hosted by Katie Nolan.


I’ve always been a fan of Jason Fried and his company (which happen to be based right here in Chicago). If you know who he is, you probably have favorable opinion as well. If you don’t know him, then I bet you’ll be looking up job openings at his firm after you read this piece where he describes how they approach vacation, work/life balance, and other benefits. It’s like they want you to actually like your job, or something. Huh.

A lot has been written about Millennials, you know – they want it all: travel the world, over-the-top perks, leave the office at 5pm on-the-dot, and everything else. You know. You either think these things yourself or hear people complaining about them. I’ll spare my thoughts on generalizing an entire generation of creative and talented people…if a bit entitled. Anyway, apparently they also can’t take a joke according to FT’s Lucy Kellaway. Taking yourself so seriously can really cause you to miss out on some life’s biggest moments, like in Lucy’s case.

Finally, Uber’s hated surge pricing reminds us that solid economic theory can also be an exercise is “hate selling” to your customers in this article from The Verge.


Over in Norway, they find ways to celebrate their very long, cold, dark winters. Basically, they have the mindset to adapt and be positive. And, you don’t need to be Norwegian for that, do you?

Have too much money AND too much space in your house? Me too. I guess we should all be building nightclubs in our basements. usa black jack casino

If you like modern architecture in old cities you’ll love this series of photos from Dezeen on renovations in London:Don’t Move, Improve! winpalace casino safe


Recently dined & recommend: OAK at Fourteenth (Boulder), STK (Miami Beach), Broken Shaker (Miami Beach), Ramen San (Chicago), BLT Steak (Aruba). top casino online canada

Take a look at (or through, if you will) this native ad campaign from The Balvenie with everyone’s favorite traveling chef Anthony Bourdain as he visits Scotland and drinks Whisky and talks poetic about the process of actually making things. us gambling credit card in canada

Bloomberg Business wants you to start a wine collection this year, apparently. Do it because you want to, not because they told you to!

Chicagoist has named Milk Room the best bar in all of Chicago. Eight seats, reservations only, Paul McGee (if you know him, you know him). spin palace greek flash casino


Kodak may be on the rebound, if these cool business cards are to be believed. Here’s a list of Apple products you either forgot about, or never even knew existed.

The Guardian has some pretty good coverage from the Sundance Film Festival. Also, here’s where to watch films that have shown at the festival. roulette online canada

CNN has, apparently, distilled the elections down into an online quiz…I mean I can’t imagine a better way to sort out the future of the Unites States and choose a candidate than through an online quiz from a news channel. virtual roulette wheel

Currently reading: Talk Like TED (Thanks Lauren), How to Land an A330 Airbus, and The Big Short. what is the best online blackjack site

Eat, Drink and Stay @ These Places safest online casino roulette


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